Get on track with GeeklyHub

No matter what discipline you may be majoring in, there is always homework that gets in the way, leaving students feeling exhausted and stressed. Looking for help online with all the countless essay assignments, most students want to find an ultimate solution that will be both efficient and reliable. Looking through the available options has brought a pleasant surprise website where most of these requirements were met with few major deciding points up its sleeve. If you are wondering if there is a place online where you can manage all kinds of study tasks at the same place with no hassle and professional help available the moment you need it, look no further and check out GeeklyHub!

What they do

You can store homework, course lectures, files, anything that you find important. Managing diverse subjects and assignments in one user-friendly space is a great time-saver! In addition, it is a great method to track your academic performance, so you can focus on subjects that require more time and effort.

Now there is more to that, as it was promised! What you receive is professional and timely assistance with homework tasks like writing, formatting, finding a good source, getting thesis statement fixed, managing revisions given by a college professor or even hearing an accessible explanation of what a cause-and-effect essay is and what paragraphs must be included. In addition to that, the Geeks can help save some time by finding relevant sources and getting your notes prepared.

How it works

After registering, you appear in your user cabinet where new tasks can be added. At the very top of the page, there is an available balance and a profile page tabs where you can enter your contact phone number or change your email address, if and when necessary. This way, you can receive notifications and messages from the Geeks once you ask for help. 

An important part is that you can explain the task in your own words and communicate with a geek. Simply copy and paste your instructions or attach files with requirements

Once a request for help is sent the algorithm finds a perfect Geek for your specific request. Be it PowerPoint presentation, Maths calculations, MBA assignment, Nursing journal or even help with how to create a resume, it is possible to specify subject type, add details, and they will match you with the best person who already knows what an average college professor may expect from such task! You can always add more hours of work or get in touch with a specialist by telling of changes.

Pricing and billing

According to the platform, the prices start from $22 per hour, which is quite fair. As an example, requesting 1 page (1 hour) reflection journal on Developmental Psychology that is needed the next day until 5 pm will cost $37.60 in total. By paying 30% deposit that includes platform fee, it will be $11.28 for the first payment and then $26.32 after completion. Now for the same task with 2 days left until the deadline, the price will be $28.15 in total with $8.45 for the deposit and $19.70 to pay after completion.

Without a doubt, there will always be students who might consider the prices too high or fair enough, yet what really matters is who the helper is and how credible this academic assistance appears to be. In the case with GeeklyHub, you can look through the list of top geeks, which shows their credentials, short biography, and number of times spent collaborating with the students.

How do they treat you

Now before I made a deposit payment, I did not know how to proceed with it. Even though I did read about how the price is calculated in the relevant website section, talking to a real person is always better. Thankfully, the customer service assistant explained the payment methods in detail and assured me that all information is kept confidential.

Since there is an immediate assistance and professional attitude, it is a great advantage, especially when you have little time for all the talk.


Even though everyone hears about time management rules and keeping everything organized, it is not so easy to achieve it in practice. Well, you get the idea since we all know how it feels! Once you are already familiar with the platform, there is no need to visit any other place. Registering a new task, all it takes is uploading or copy pasting information for a helper. It is like a special archive where you can always see whether all the necessary data has been shared. 

I can wholeheartedly recommend this great educational platform for those who need just an extra bit of help to stay on top of things.

  • Alex
    I’ll admit, it was sort of a gamble for me personally when I first requested their help, because I had never tried them or a similar service before in my life. So it was basically 50/50 that it would work. But I chose to follow my gut and trust them, and believe me I have never made a better choice. It’s not a fraud, it’s the complete opposite. I’m just so happy, and I’m definitely asking Geeks for more help in the future.
  • Ziggy
    This is a great service.
  • Olivia
    Hello, I wanted to share my first experience using GeeklyHub. It was amazing! I sent a request and paid in the cabinet after all my questions were answered (practicaly immediately!) and they updated me on the progress. I am impressed, hope they keep up the same way.