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Play College on Easy with Nerdify

20 January 2016


Have you ever wanted to lower the difficulty of your college life and simply jump into the fun part instead of having to deal with all the work? Nerdify is the answer.

Nerdify is a service that opened my eyes to the needs I never thought I’d have as a student. They handle things that you can’t stand doing anymore, like reading boring books that college makes you read and then writing a review or passing quizzes based on those. Heck, they can even do forums discussions for you!

What do they do

Nerdify is basically an all-in-one college student’s personal assistant. As long as you’re not asking them to break the law or campus policies, the Nerds are able to complete any assignment to make your college life easier.

A Personal Nerd is a next gen way of dealing with excessive college work. Their job is not impossible, they just do it quicker, without sacrificing quality and being easily accessible at any time you need them.

They edit papers, review homework, explain math problems, put presentations together and write speeches, but it doesn’t stop there! Whatever academic task you can think of, they can handle it.

How it works

To get things going with Nerdify all you need is a smartphone or a Facebook account. Just send them a message and they will find you a nerd with MS degree that’s relevant to your particular task. When all the task details are confirmed, the next step is making the payment. And yes, Nerds do work on prepaid basis (we’ll get back to this later). Next thing you know – the completed assignment is sitting in your inbox.

Another cool thing to mention is that you can send a pic of your task directly through the text or Facebook messages. They also have an email if you’ve got a bunch of files to send! Being a tech geek myself I wish they had an app that combines all of these features. But on the contrary, I can appreciate a thoughtful fast-paced experience that they’ve delivered when I talked to them, as it’s definitely a win over poorly polished apps that other services have.

Pricing and billing

As I’ve already mentioned, Nerds do work on prepaid basis, though don’t let it become a deal breaker for you! Nerdify has its prices based on the type, volume and urgency of the assignment, which calls for having all the details at hand to be able to calculate the price. Once they take a look at the assignment guidelines, you’ll be given the price itself as well as an accurate explanation of how it was formed, so you know what you’re dealing with.

Nerdify takes credit/debit card payments and you also have an option of using PayPal credit to pay. Frankly speaking, I found Nerdify’s pricing being totally fair.

How do they treat you

There’s nothing worse than catching an attitude from a person who’s supposed be helping you. My girlfriend makes a living out of training and motivating staff who work for customer-oriented services and she always says: “if you’re in business that provides service, you’ve gotta be ready to actually serve the customer!” Nerdify gets that. I’ve used several accounts to test them out and they’ve passed it with flying colors staying patient and polite no matter how harsh I was.


Balancing eight courses, a part-time job, and extracurricular activities is a hustle and sometimes you just need a break. That’s where turning to a third-party service for help is a great confidential solution. If I were to pick a service, I’d roll with Nerdify.

Would you hire Nerdify to take care of some of your annoying college tasks for you? Tell me why (or why not) in the comments below!

  • David
    May 6
    What I appreciate the most is that they show the notes & explanation so that you actually LEARN & UNDERSTAND what you're studying! Hate to admit it but a lot better than the professor who is being paid salary to TEACH!
  • Melissa
    Nov 11
    I was recently in a major jam with my homework due for school. I found Nerdify via google search engine. I never used a site like it before, but my computer was being funky and I contacted nerdify and explained what I needed help with. I got a Nerd assigned who hit every mark! I highly recommend Nerdify!
  • Josh
    Nov 20
    I have used their services twice and will continue to do so. They are a time saver and a stress reliever. They work within your timeframes and update you on the progress.